Custom Fittings

It’s time to get involved in the game of golf you say to yourself? A co-worker needs a partner in a scramble? The boss is bugging you to play, but you don’t have clubs? Or, you’ve simply never been fit for clubs before and now’s the time? At “Fix It Golf” we offer a hands-on approach to custom fitting you to a set for your personal attributes and skill level, without breaking the bank. Our guarantee is that you feel confident everything about your clubs is personalized.

Putter Fitting = $19.99

Wedges Fitting = $29.99

Iron/Hybrid Fitting = $49.99

Woods Fitting = $49.99

Full Set Fitting = $149.99

Gap Analysis (wedges) = $9.99

Gap Analysis (irons/hybrids) = $19.99

Gap Analysis (hybrids/woods) = $19.99

Gap Analysis (Full Set) = $49.99

Fitting Bay Rental = $50.00/30 minutes; maximum 1 hour



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